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Careers at IBM R&D Labs in Israel

Opportunities at the IBM R&D Labs in Israel

Opportunity is more than simply finding a new job. It's about new experiences, new knowledge, the chance to work in a challenging and stimulating environment and be rewarded for outstanding performance.

IBM R&D labs is looking for graduate MSc and PhD students and outstanding BSc graduates in the fields of computer science and electrical engineering. If you want to work on cutting-edge technology with industry-leading researchers, we may have a place for you.

Our projects combine the creation of business value to IBM, while offering you a chance to express your talent and potential, and enjoy a friendly atmosphere of close teamwork. We also encourage our people to pursue related MSc and PhD studies together with their work.

IBM Israel STG Lab

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Student Positions

CS/CE/EE student position
Job ID: RES-0241616

Positions are available for CS/CE/EE students at all IBM R&D Labs in Israel sites.

1. CS/CE/EE or math Students/graduates from 2nd-3rd semester and on OO, algorithmic and mathematical skills
Deep knowledge in C/C++ is an advantage

2. CS/EE students/graduates from 3rd semester and on. Including courses on data structure, graph theory and algorithms.
Knowledge in C/C++ or Java

Business Optimization group
Job ID: RES-0243913

Job description:

The Business Optimization group is a research group that deals with the research and implementation of optimization solutions that utilize advanced analytical and mathematical techniques in a variety of domains. Upon entering the Business Optimization group, the new employee will participate in the implementation of optimization solutions/prototypes developed in IBM research, and will also be expected to contribute to algorithmic development. The implementation of optimization solutions will entail development in various environments, such as Java, database (SQL) programming, and mathematical languages such as OPL.


candidate that has implementation capabilities, has the potential to contribute to the development of new algorithms, and enhance the existing algorithms. Demonstrate the potential for advanced algorithmic/mathematical development, with practical or academic background in algorithms and data structures, and with preferred practical or academic experience in software engineering, object oriented development, and database development. A background in operations research is advantageous. Proven publication record is also an advantage. The selected candidate will be required to work at least three days per week.


M.Sc. or Ph.D. students, from the faculty in Industrial Engineering, Computer Science or Mathematics

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IBM to build powerful supercomputer
IBM is going to build a powerful supercomputer for the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission with greater computing capacity than all the machines in the list of top 500 supercomputer in the world from June 2008.

"I'm proud of you" says the President of Israel

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