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IBM Research - Brazil
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Lab Director's Message

IBM Research - Brazil

Daniel M. Dias - Director
IBM Research - Brazil
IBM Research - Brazil was recently established in June 2010 as the first IBM Research Lab in South America, with sites in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. IBM Brazil, on the other hand, was established more than 90 years back, and has broad relationships with clients across Brazilian industry and is deeply connected in the fabric of Brazil. And Brazil has a dynamic, fast growing economy, with vast natural and human resources, and deep technical talent.

This environment provides huge opportunities for IBM Research Brazil, and the initial research focus areas for the lab, broadly on technologies for a smarter planet, have been chosen to leverage this dynamic environment. This includes smarter natural resource management, smarter devices and smarter human systems, service systems and underlying technologies including analytics and optimization, distributed systems, mobile technologies, semiconductor packaging, and high performance computing.

IBM Research - Brazil is part of IBM Research's nine global labs, with about 3000 researchers world-wide, and with deep expertise across a wide spectrum of technologies. Our researchers lead world-wide teams in selected areas, and collaborate closely with colleagues across the world. As our young lab embarks on a journey of innovation, we hope to "stand on the shoulders" of our renowned colleagues and collaborators, and leverage the unique environment in Brazil, to create new transformative technologies and advances for the region and beyond.

Global Innovation Outlook

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