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    The basic software for Blue Gene will enable the system to run applications that exploit massive amounts of parallelism across chips. Particular attention has to be paid in software to high-performance, and to error recovery, as components are expected to fail during long computations. Higher-level programming environments will be developed over time, to facilitate the programming of massively parallel systems such as Blue Gene.

    The Blue Gene project tackles fundamental problems in computer architecture and large-scale system design, such as the use of integrated processor-memory logic, cellular designs for massively parallel systems, power management, error recovery, algorithms, programming models and tools for massively parallel computing, and more. This is an ambitious, long-term research project that will push the envelope in Computer Science, and will require a large multi-disciplinary effort the like of which few places, if any, can undertake, beside IBM Research. This is also a research project that will motivate and benefit from many collaborations with academia.
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