Privacy Notice – IBM Research DiF Dataset.

In the IBM Privacy Statement ( and the IBM online privacy statement ( IBM informs you about how IBM collects, uses and shares personal information of users of IBM websites and other IBM online services.


This notice complements the IBM Privacy Statement and informs you of specific information that IBM collects in the context of this IBM diversity in faces (DiF) research project, which is principally aimed at advancing the study of diversity in faces as it relates to fairness and accuracy in face analytics (the IBM Research Project).


IBM is committed to advancing the study of diversity in faces as it relates to fairness and accuracy in face analytics.  In order to explore this topic, the IBM Research Project has created coding schemes (such as cranio-facial, facial ratios, facial regions contrast, pose and resolution) and facilitated the annotations of age and gender of publicly available images from Flickr (the “IBM Research DiF Dataset”).  The IBM Research DiF Dataset is made available to the research community to advance the study of diversity in faces as it relates to fairness and accuracy in their face analytics research.


In addition to what is described in the IBM Privacy Statements we process the following personal information:


1. Verification Questionnaire completed by website visitors.


Access to the IBM Research DiF Dataset is provided only for research purposes and at IBM’s sole discretion. To help ensure that the IBM Research DiF Dataset is being disclosed to legitimate research institutions and/or researchers, who will be using theIBM Research DiF Dataset for research purposes, we ask visitors of our website who wish to access the IBM Research DiF Dataset to complete a questionnaire.  This questionnaire asks for your name, position, university or research organisation, department, relevant address, an explanation of your intended use and other information.  IBM will consider the information you provide before permitting access to the IBM Research DiF Dataset for the purposes of conducting research. 


IBM uses this information only in connection to your request to access the IBM Research DiF Dataset in order to validate and evidence your eligibility to use the IBM Research DiF Dataset and to communicate with you. Should you not wish to use the IBM Research DiF Dataset anymore, and wish to have your personal information removed, you may notify IBM by email at the following email address:


Please note, IBM does not permit processing of the IBM Research DiF Dataset without this validation, so any request to withdraw your personal information may first require confirmation from you that the IBM Research DiF Dataset has been deleted and that it has not been disclosed to or shared with any third party. 


Subject to applicable law on the retention of data, IBM shall delete your information as follows: (i) a reasonable time after you make a request to withdraw your personal information as specified above; or (ii) two years from the date that the IBM Research DiF Dataset is no longer being made available for research purposes on this Website and it is considered that the data is no longer needed for the purposes set out above.


2. URL Links to images on Flickr. 


The below applies to individuals, where one of the URL Links of the IBM Research DiF Dataset would refer to their publically available Flickr image. 


IBM have no intention of identifying the specific individuals within the images themselves and prohibit third party research institutions from doing the same (as set out in our Terms of Use.  Nevertheless, as this information may be considered “personal” in certain jurisdictions, we have taken steps to help ensure that the IBM Research DiF Dataset is only disclosed to carefully selected third party research institutions and/or researchers, is used for limited and specific research purposes, and is processed securely.


To the extent that the IBM Research DiF Dataset is considered personal information, IBM is processing this data on the basis of our or a third party’s legitimate interests and for the purposes of scientific research.  If you do not want your image to be listed in the IBM Research DiF Dataset; if you have any comments on the annotations on your image; or if you have any information indicating that the rights to certain images are restricted, please contact us by email and we will consider your request and remove the related image URLs and associated annotations from this IBM Research DiF Dataset as appropriate.  For further information on your rights, we refer you to the IBM Privacy Statement (