Tiger Shark is a file system developed at IBM Almaden, optimized for improved performance in accessing multimedia data. The file system is optimized for large block accesses and real-time guarantees to clients. Multimedia content can be accessed at given rates for guaranteed quality of service. The file system provides for data redundancy for support of disk failure.

On the Scalable Video and Web Server, Tiger Shark uses Real-Time Virtual Shared Disk (RTVSD) as the data layer, allowing multiple nodes to share a file system that physically resides across many nodes. This allows load to be balanced out across several nodes. With wide striping of multimedia data, the back-end nodes can be utilized in a uniform manner. Tiger Shark supports concurrent cache coherent read/write access to files stored in RTVSD. Calypso is used as a the catalog server and the Calypso Extensible Token Manager (CETM) is used for consistency control.


Tiger Shark File System Architecture on a Cluster


Rajat Mukherjee <rajatm@watson.ibm.com>


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