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To accommodate the multitude of stakeholders that collaborate to ensure an innovative and sustainable future, we have developed a broader understanding of the spectrum of collaboration models and principles.

Spectrum of collaboration models

We believe research relationships span across a spectrum of models. On one side there are philanthropic gifts, such as fellowship awards for students and research awards for faculty and students. If you move along the spectrum, there is open research models where the results are fee-free, community-prepared, and publicly shared. The middle of the spectrum contains research models where results can be free for the participants to use and commercialize. The other side of the spectrum has sponsored private research where proprietary research is performed and the results are owned by the sponsoring enterprise. There are many more types of research collaborations making up the spectrum that allow for multiple research models and entry points to discuss the type of research being performed and expected results.

With universities and industry collaborating on a global basis, we must continue to create solutions that enable a quicker approach to research partnerships. We are addressing this by breaking down the complexity and building point solutions across the spectrum. By proactively agreeing on standard principles for a specific type of collaboration in the research spectrum, we can shorten the time it takes to move from concept of an idea to its development. We've found that success comes when early conversations include discussion around goals of the collaboration and the researchers.

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Collaborative Research Principles

  • - Open Collaboration Principles

    These principles guide software-related collaborations between industry and universities under circumstances where the participants intend the results to be made part of a royalty-free public commons.
    View PDF (73KB)

  • - Free Participant Use Principles

    These principles (also referred to as FPU) guide research collaborations between industry and universities where the results of the research can be used commercially and academically for the researchers involved and are available to others under reasonable terms.
    View PDF (117KB)

  • - Open Collaboration & Open Source Sample Agreement

    This sample agreement provides key elements of working together by implementing the Open Collaboration Principles. We have provided this agreement as an example only. As with any legal agreement you should contact the legal counsel for your particular group prior to entering into an agreement.
    View PDF(72KB)