At IBM Center for Advanced Studies Benelux, research is responsible for the establishment of partnerships, local universities and the conduction of applied research. Research is currently taking place within four projects: CrowdTruth, Inclusive Enterprise, Poseidon and RainSense.


The CrowdTruth initiative takes the IBM Watson project one step further. The approach is focused specifically on collecting gold standard data for the training, evaluation of and exploration of the possibilities of cognitive computing systems, like Watson. The main steps of the process are: (1) exploring & processing of input data, (2) collection of annotation data, and (3) analyzing the results.

Inclusive Enterprise

Inclusive Enterprise is a project advocating the well being of the employees and the feeling of being engaged to the workplace. Many organizations face the problem of disengaged employees and CAS research takes action using smart technology and big data to challenge this problem and forget the office as we know it. The ultimate goal is to provide a better place for every employee to work in.


The Poseidon Project is an open, global initiative, currently run by volunteers and aiming at two main goals:
(1) Raising awareness on the (over)use of water in global agriculture, by creating education in all levels and
(2) Developing low-cost technology for 3rd world farmers to support them in consuming water in smart, efficient and effective ways.

We are all quite aware of the importance of the water as a natural resource and the examples of its scarcity are becoming more and more. IBM CAS participates in this initiative in order to shift the way we consume water and contribute into making our planet smarter.


RainSense is another project under our partnerships with academia and it aims on creating smarter cities that can react effectively in cases of extreme rainfall or related phenomena. This is a project striving to collect data of these events and have an impact on how we deal with them, but without installing new infrastructure. It relies on reusing existing devices and social-sensing in innovative ways, in order to provide data for extreme weather circumstances.

IBM Center for Advanced Studies Benelux creates an ideal environment for people who believe in our culture and are interested in research. Through our powerful Collaborative Innovation Centers, we build bridges between IBM and the academic world, in order to make a difference in our focus areas. If you are interested in knowing more about research opportunities at CAS,
don't hesitate to contact us!

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