IBM on Campus Global Program

In today's global knowledge economy, higher educational institutions are looking for opportunities for their students and faculty to work more closely with industry partners at the cutting-edge of technology and innovation.

IBM on Campus recognizes the fact that some IBMers already have offices on college campuses, and provide adjunct faculty, student mentoring, or other types of advisory and collaboration services to universities and other higher education institutions. IBM University Program has established a program that links On-Campus-IBMers around the world, and provides them with an ecosystem to ensure that their local universities have the opportunity to benefit from over a hundred IBM University Related programs in a more optimal way.

Our objective is to greatly enhance the relationships with the academic institutions, and we want to do that through continuous and sustainable collaborations with the universities. We want to be a resource to help academic institutions, and for the academic institutions to navigate IBM and form alliances for research and education collaboration (publications, thought leadership stimulation, student mentoring, guest lectures). We want to provide industry and technology insight to both students and faculty, and help serve as a role model and help prepare the students to be ready for their professional career in the industry.

The objective of the IBM on Campus Program is to guide and serve the universities, and enhance the nature of collaboration between academic institutions and IBM. IBM wants to provide the academic institutions and their students with the best possible business and technology insight, and stimulate the students for the future careers. It's a matter of leveraging from everything IBM does at universities and make sure we have a united effort towards the universities, and an aligned focus from the different IBM business units.

A core team shall be formed at the specific focus universities, which shall be the face of IBM on Campus. The core team shall be formed around the "On Campus IBMer", a new role created for this program. The "On Campus IBMer" is a more collaboratively supportive role at the university. The other university roles such as Client Executive, Partnership Executive, Senior Location Executive, Executive Champion, Technical Advisory Lead, Academic Initiative Relationship Manager and more, are already established at the universities and shall be part of the core team. The On Campus IBMer has a more collaboratively embedded role and is spending more time on Campus. Therefore, the On Campus IBMer shall be the "go-to" person for the specific university.

IBM on Campus global program started as a pilot in 2011 in 9 universities WW and based on the pilot success was scaled out currently (March 2017) to 23 On Campus IBMers in 23 universities around the globe, and became a formal program from IBM GUP. We expect to continue to roll out this program world-wide as resources are available. We have a 50/50 percent target between growth markets and major markets for university participation in the program.

If you have any questions – related to this program, please contact us.

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Nagub Attia, VP IBM Global University Programs, Executive Sponsor IBM on Campus program,

JoAnn Washam Winson, Global Leader of IBM On Campus Program,