[XML Security Suite]

Tool - KeyGenerator


KeyGenerator is a utility for generating secret keys. If you want to generate public/private key pairs, use keytool provided by Java2.


Before running KeyGenerator, make sure that Java2 and JCE 1.2.1 have been installed correctly. Consult the Installation Guide for details.

The usage of KeyGenerator is as follows:

  >java enc.KeyGenerator option [arg...]
where option is:


With the following command, you can generate a triple DES key and store it in a keystore, where the key alias and password are key and keypass while the keystore and its password are keystore and storepass:

  >java enc.KeyGenerator -g -keyalg DESede
                            -alias key
                            -keypass keypass
                            -keystore keystore
                            -storepass storepass

Takeshi Imamura
Hiroshi Maruyama