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Large-scale Data Visualization


Our goal is the research and development of graphics and visualization techniques for trend analysis and information retrieval of various large-scale data.
World Wide Web is a good example of the large-scale data. Currently there are more than a billion webpages on the internet. It is not generally easy to see the overview and trend, and extract desired messages, from such a huge hyperspace.

The above figure shows an overview of a website. In the figure, each rectangle denotes a webpage. Heights of the rectangles denote the access frequency, and colors of them denote the update time. Currently we are studying about visualization techniques for further large-scale data, complicated relational data, multi-valued data, and drastically time-varying data.

We are also aiming the visualization techniques not only for websites but also the following fields:

  • Computer process and network monitoring.
  • Analysis of scientific sample data (such as DNA sequence).
  • Trend analysis of financial network.
  • Monitoring of traffic and communiation systems.
  • Analysis of social organizations and human resources.
  • Arrangement of large-scale text and image data.

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Last modified 28 Jun 2002