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 Java JIT Compiler

Though Java has become the mainstream language for Web applications, it was notoriously slow in its early days because of its interpreted execution. This issue was completely resolved by the Just-In-Time (JIT) compilers, which drastically improved the performance by dynamically translating bytecode to native code.

TRL started its development of JIT compilers and major components of JVMs (Java Virtual Machines) when Java was announced in 1995. The JVMs and JIT compilers have been shipped worldwide with all of IBM's platforms, and contributed significantly to IBM's achieving the best scores in the Industry-standard benchmarks. While developing these compilers, we invented many novel optimization techniques that have later been presented at prestigious international conferences.

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 Java Batch Processing Optimization
Batch processing is widely used in various scenarios in many industries, such as banking, insurance, and telecommunications. Recently Java-based batch processing is being considered because of the benefits of sharing resources between online transactions and batch processing. In TRL, we are working to solve performance problems currently affecting Java-based batch processing. In particular, we are woking on an innovative optimization framework for the middleware, allowing for such optimizations as database access prefetching, job parallelization, and job step piping, which can be applied automatically to user's applications.  
 End-to-End Performance Optimization
As more and more enterprise applications are built on the platform of Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE), the performance of the platform is becoming increasingly critical. Analyzed vertically, the J2EE platform consists of hardware, the operating system, the Java virtual machine, and a J2EE-compliant application server. IBM is one of the few companies that sells products for all of these layers. Exploiting this special position, we can analyze the performance through all of the layers, identify the bottlenecks, and eliminate them at the most appropriate place. This is a joint project with the T.J.Watson Research Center.
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