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IBM Research

Security and Privacy

 Trusted Virtual Domain
Due to the heterogeneity and complexity of IT environments, it is critical to assess the holistic security of distributed systems. The Trusted Virtual Domain (TVD) can satisfy business-level security goals by defining how computing platforms can trust each other, enforcing security policies among all of the platforms in a coalition. TVDs are designed to simplify management and provide explicit infrastructure-level containment and trust guarantees by leveraging Trusted Computing and virtualization and middleware.
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 XML Access Control
Protecing sensitive data requires enforcing node-wise access control on XML instances. Our access control enforcement system includes access control modeling, system construction, and accessibility checks based on users' access requests. This work calls for developing access control policy languages, access control models, and access control optimizations.
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 Digital Content Protection
Digital content such as images, motion pictures, music, and text documents, are used in various applications areas. At the same time, they can be used improperly for illegal distribution, leading to large losses not only for the users and companies, but also for the content industry itself. Our research on digital content protection, such as content management systems for companies and universities, allow for secure content sharing within network environments and support the standardization of content protection technologies for the next generation of optical media.
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 Model Driven Security
Although a Web services security model provides a very flexible and customizable basis for various security infrastructures, it is often hard for users to specify security parameters. In order to address such usability issues, we are developing a Model Driven Development (MDD) tool for Web services security. When using this tool, users only describe their security intentions in an application model at a higher level of abstraction, and the abstract intentions are transformed into the IT-level security policies by using transformations.  
 Web Services Security
SOA and Web Services are becoming new IT standards for e-business. However, weak security and poor performance are serious obstacles to developing enterprise business systems. This project aims to research and develop high-performance and flexible Web Services technologies, and to contribute to standardization activities. This technology is already used in IBM's middleware products.
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