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IBM Research

Science and Technology

 Optical Interconnect
Data transmission bandwidth is increasing more rapidly than the clock frequency in high end servers. Although electrical interconnects are being used for the current servers, we cannot increase the total bandwidth to keep up because the material properties limit the per-line data rate, and the length and the line widths cannot be reduced. Server optical interconnect technologies and subsystem architectures using optical fibers and optical waveguides are being developed to provide the required total data transmission bandwidth.  
 Thermal Management
CMOS logic circuits, the hearts of modern computers, are getting smaller and smaller to boost performance. Transistor miniaturization to achieve higher performance means more power is dissipated in smaller CMOS circuits. Effective chip cooling methods will be key technological challenges to achieve high performance systems. We are developing novel cooling materials such as carbon-nanotube-based heat conductors, and system cooling techniques for future servers.  
 Design Assist Tools for Embedded Systems
Design assistance technologies can reduce the development times of embedded systems used in mobile PCs and consumer electronics. Our new FPGA-based prototyping tool allows for concurrent development of hardware and software, our evaluation and debugging tool makes the behavior of complicated embedded systems visible, and our power measurement tool reveals the correlations of system behavior and power consumption. We are enhancing technologies that assist advanced system design.  
 Hardware Arithmetic
New hardware-processing mechanisms can boost signal-processing performance. We optimize the hardware not only at each level of arithmetic logic, but also at the level of the deeper algorithms, by using advanced arithmetic. Resulting products include many cryptographic circuits for AES and RSA, ALDC data-compression circuits, and advanced error-correction circuits with superior performance for execution speed and power consumption with small footprints.
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 OLED Display
Organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs), are regarded as one of the most promising next-generation flat panel display technologies. Our system simulates complete physical models of OLED devices, including the tranport of injected carriers, the dynamics of the excitons generated in carrier recombination, and the radiation of the excitons confined in the cavity structures.  
 Non-Rubbing Liquid Crystal Alignment
A novel noncontact technique for liquid crystal alignment was created by IBM Research. This technique is already being used in the LCD manufacturing process as the only mass-production noncontact liquid crystal alignment technique. Using a DLC alignment film and this ion beam process results in higher FOS (Front of Screen) quality without using the conventional rubbing process. We are offering the ion beam alignment equipment and support services to several LCD manufacturers. TRL is now focused on developing new higher performance alignment film materials for this ion beam alignment technique.  
 Deep Computing
Optimization technologies for applications and system software are crucial for supercomputers, such as the world's fastest supercomputer Blue Gene/L (according to the current list of the Top 500 supercomputers). Our research topics include application-specific parallelization and optimization technologies, such as are used for molecular dynamics and computational fluid dynamics. And they also include compiler parallelization and optimization technologies, and automatic application optimization technologies. Such work often involves collaboration with IBM's other research labs, such as T.J. Watson Research Center and Almaden Research Center.  
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