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IBM Research

Programming Models and Tools

 Agent Server Technology
Personalized and localized event-handling services are continuing to grow in popularity. We are improving our agent server technology to support such services. Since each user can have many agents on the server side, such systems have to manage hundreds of thousands of agents. Scalability and performance are crucial concerns. Our agent servers are already used inreal-world commercial systems, even while we improve the technologies.  
 High Performance and Highly Available Data Access Framework
When using distributed system technologies for mission-critical systems, the performance and availability become the key issues. We have been developing a transactional data cache technology for use in application servers suitable for high performance business systems, and end-to-end continuous availability technology to eliminate service suspensions, as well as Java frameworks supporting the use of these technologies.  
 Model-Based Design Verification Tool for Embedded Systems
The growing complexity of embedded systems, which range from digital consumer electronics to telematics systems, poses a serious challenge to system architects who are primarily responsible for defining system designs that meet their requirements. We are developing solid-model-based technologies for verifying embedded system designs against their requirements. By interpreting those designs as models with semantics that are based on the notations of formal stochastic process algebra, we can verify a wide variety of requirements, including those related to performance and dependability.  
 High Performance XML/Web Services Processing
SOA and Web Services are becoming new IT standards for e-business. However, security and performance are serious obstacles in developing enterprise business systems. This project aims to develop high-performance XML-based Web services processing technologies. Our new Delta Parsing method stores previous XML messages and their structures to process only the changed (delta) parts of new messages.  
 Accessibility and Usability Evaluation
Aiming at providing easy access to IT devices for everyone, including people with disabilities and senior citizens, we have developed support systems and software for information providers and developers. Home Page Reader (1997) is a talking browser to assist in non-visual Web access. Our aDesigner (2003) supports Web designers in creating accessible and usable pages by visualizing the blind usability and by simulating views for various types of vision problems. Currently we are studying how to evaluate general usability by applying accessibility technologies.
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 Adaptive Interface for Rich Client Platform (RCP)
The Rich Client Platform (RCP) provides a richer user experience, going beyond Web interfaces. This project focuses on the "Adaptive Interface", which is a concept for optimized user interfaces according to each user's preferences, delivered on-demand. It covers various types of disabilities and heterogeneous access environments.  
Previous activities
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XML Authoring Tool Technology

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