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Mobile Resource Management


Advances in the mobile devices (ranging from mobile phones to wireless PDAs and wireless laptops) and wireless technologies are changing the way people interact for work and play. Users of these mobile or wireless devices are moving around and are expecting convenient access through any of their devices to relevant information and services. They want the ability to easily take action whenever and wherever they need to. Applications and services for the mobile users must be tightly integrated with user profiles, user locations, user activities, and other contextual information to accurately predict mobile-user interests and provide just the information and services that users want at each moment with a minimum of user input. These types of services are called context-aware services or location-based services.

The objective of our project, “Mobile Resource Management”, is to develop application scenarios, an end-to-end reference system architecture, and software technology components to enable context-aware, location-based services for mobile users, providing seamless services through any device when and where the users need them. The services will take full advantage of user mobility and use environmental and user profile information to improve the relevance of the information delivered to mobile users. Our target customers include all enterprises that want to provide these types of services for their customers, and employees and management companies for malls and amusement parks that want to provide such services for their visitors.

Our research areas include dynamic personalization, personal profile and privacy management, agent-based negotiation, and mobile user device interfaces.

Research items

Demo Publications
  • “Mobile Resource Management: A White Paper”, TRL Research Report (to be published).
  • Hiroaki Nakamura, “Incremental Computation of Complex Object Queries,” ACM OOPSLA 2001, Oct. 2001 (to be published).
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Last modified 03 August 2001