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3D geometric modeling


In this project our goal is to develop technologies for inputting a 3D shape into a computer and for modifying it easily.

Recently computer-aided 3D geometric modeling has become very popular in many areas including industrial design. This trend is accelarated because the applicability of 3D model is growing large for many purposes such as rendering or computational analyses accompanied with the improvement of computers and networks. However, compared to technologies for processing complete geometric models, that for creating model has not improved enough. This means creating 3D models cost much time and effort, and accordingly the wider use of 3D models is impeded. Therefore, we concentrate on some key technologies in 3D geometric modeling.

Research items
  • Physically-based surface design

    This project aims at developing techniques to generate smooth surface shapes from a few inputs.

  • Wireframe-surface conversion

    We work on automatic conversion from a collection on space curve segments to a surface model that represents either a solid object or a sheet of bounded surface.

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Last modified 28 Feb 2001