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Mobile multimedia QoS


Broadband mobile wireless communication services are becoming widespread, such as IEEE802.11b wireless LAN access services or third-generation mobile communications services based on WCDMA technology. This project is working on the core technologies for Quality of Service (QoS) control to provide high quality multimedia streaming over broadband wireless channels.

3G and future wireless networks
3G and future wireless networks

Research items

Wireless channels have unique features compared to wired channels. Reception conditions such as bandwidth, delay, and the distribution of packet losses, are affected by user movements and changes in the surrounding environment. Therefore it is necessary to adapt the multimedia streaming to changes of the wireless channel conditions, minimizing the influences of the changes on the quality of the streams users receive.

We have established a framework specifying functional module construction, interfaces, and protocols for the QoS control of complete systems required in mobile communications environments, in order to continually provide smooth streaming distribution services. This technology has the following features:

We are exploring several techniques to offer better QoS for streaming over a wireless network.

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Last modified 28 February 2002