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Language Translation (TRL)


Project overview

This project deals with natural language analysis and translation by computer. Technologies used for machine translation, such as syntactic parsing and word sense disambiguation, are commonly used for other applications of natural language processing.

Research items

  • Data-oriented translation
    • Pattern-based MT ... New method of MT using a large collection of translation patterns. See this page for details.
    • Example-based and context-based processing ... Methods using a large collection of translation examples and the context when translating sentences and resolving ambiguities.
  • Syntactic parsing
    • Japanese morphological analysis ... High-speed and high-accuracy Japanese morphological analyzer, which is used in speech recognition and keyword extraction as well as machine translation.
    • Japanese sentential analysis ... A system to output syntactic structure of a sentence by detecting the dependency between words. It is an important component of Japanese to English machine translation, and is also used by text mining project.
  • Linguistic annotation
    If linguistic information such as word-to-word dependency is annotated in texts, then natural language processing programs can produce much better outputs. Linguistic Annotation Language (or LAL) is an XML-based tag set for annotating such linguistic information into texts.
  • Multilingual translation framework
    We are studying a multilingual translation framework for effective development of translation from ANY language to ANY language.
  • Automatic evaluation of translation quality
    We are making use of automatic evaluation method of translation quality for enhancement of the system.

Systems / products

Image of King of Translation Internet King of Translation (in Japanese) ... A Web page translation software released by IBM Japan, which uses this pattern-based translation engine.
WebSphere Translation Server ... A server-side translation software that provides translation engines for 9 languages from/to English. TRL's technologies are included in the Japanese-English / English-Japanese translation engines.


Collaboration with WW lab.

  • T.J. Watson Research Laboratory
    (ThinkResearch article)
  • China Research Laboratory
    (Natural language processing projects)

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