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Hardware arithmetic

TRL Overview

The performance of modern computer systems is not only determined by that for CPU processing speed but also by how well they transfer, hold, and synchronize data objects. This situation will become more significant in future server and pervasive systems where there are demanding constraints in terms of power consumption, size, and cost without compromising performance and functionality. Here in the hardware arithmetic project, we focus on these issues from system and hardware arithmetic point of view.

TRL Research items

  • Quasi-nonvolatile DRAM system

    A new memory system suitable for information caching. Adaptively prolonged DRAM refresh cycles using advanced Reed-Solomon error-correcting circuit.

  • High-performance error-correction algorithm

    Research on encoding/decoding algorithm of Reed-Solomon codes and parallel codec architecture for ultra-high performance.

  • VLSI design automation

    Syntheses, optimization, and verification of circuits in particular for Galois field arithmetic.

TRL Publications

  • Y. Katayama, "Trends in Semiconductor Memories," IEEE Micro p. 10, Nov./Dec. 1997.
  • W. K. Luk, Y. Katayama, A. Satoh, S. Munetoh, "Development of a High Bandwidth Merged Logic/DRAM Multimedia Chip," IEEE International Conference on Computer Design, p. 279 Oct. 1997.
  • Y. Katayama and S. Morioka, "Oneshot Reed-Solomon decoder," 33rd Annual Conference on Information Science and Systems, pp. 700-705, 1999.
  • Y. Katayama and S. Morioka, "Error Evaluation Algorithm for Oneshot Reed-Solomon Decoder," 1999 IEEE Information Theory Workshop, June 1999.
  • S. Morioka and Y. Katayama, "Design Methodology for one-shot Reed-Solomon Decoder," 1999 IEEE International Conference on Computer Design.
  • Y. Katayama, E. J. Stuckey, S. Morioka, and Z. Wu, "Fault-Tolerant Refresh Power Reduction of DRAMs for Quasi-Nonvolatile Data Retention," 1999 IEEE International Symposium on Design and Fault Tolerance in VLSI Systems.

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Last modified 22 September 1999