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Tokyo Research Laboratory built a High Performance Fortran (HPF) compiler that comforms to the HPF Subset specification in February 1995. The compiler generates Single Program Multiple Data (SPMD) model code that runs on RS/6000 SP.

HPF is a new Fortran language for parallel programming. The language definition of HPF is discussed in the HPF Forum (HPFF). The latest HPF-1 language specification, version 1.1, is published from HPFF in 1994.

HPF adds some compiler directives to Fortran 90 to decompose arrays. Programmers insert those compiler directives to their original FORTRAN 77 programs. The compiler parallelizes operations on decomposed arrays, typically computations in nested loops, and optimizes storage and communication.

Research items

These optimization techniques are employed in our HPF compiler:

Follow this link to see its performance.

Last modified 30 June 1998