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Deep UV laser technology

TFT/LCD monitor


Nonlinear optical wavelength conversion techniques must be used to obtain continuous coherent light in the deep-ultraviolet region. We have invented a novel technique that drastically improves the efficiency of wavelength conversion, and have already demonstrated generation of continuous coherent light with a power output of 6 watts (the world highest) at a wavelength of 257 nm, using an argon ion laser. This high power is sufficient for application in lithography and material processing as well as analysis and measurement.

deep UV generator

Continuous coherent deep-UV generator

We are also developing technology that allows long-term stable operation, and are making prototypes that use semiconductor diode lasers, which consume less electric power.

YAG laser

Generation of the fourth harmonic of a YAG laser
in an external optical resonator

It is very important how to obtain the desired alignment of liquid crystal molecules in LCD. Generally, this is achieved by physical treatment of organic film coated on the glass substrate. We have succeeded in obtaining same effect only by optical treatment using this high power coherent UV light. This light source is also useful for various processing in LCDs.


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Last modified 30 June 1998