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IBM Research

Business Services Research

 Optimization Technology
We are researching optimization algorithms, such as to find optimal orderings, combinations, assignments, and packing, that required for various business problems in several industries -- manufacturing, distribution, public sector, and so on. Examples of optimization problems we have tackled include printed-circuit-board drilling, truck routing, multi-modal transportation planning, warehouse location planning, free-form nesting, nurse scheduling, crew scheduling, inventory applications, and end-to-end scheduling in steel mills.
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 Data Analytics
To respond effectively to sudden changes in a business environment, we must analyze the relevant factors, find the traces of problems, and take precautionary measures. Information infrastructures are maturing, and it is becoming more important to incorporate data analytics into business processes. TRL is studying fundamental analysis methods such as anomaly detection and risk-sensitive data analytics, as well as obtaining many results by applying these methods to time series data in manufacturing and CRM data, leveraging the merits of our proximity to advanced companies and markets in Japan.
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 Business Modeling & Transformation
The project studies scientific methods and tools for design, delivery and evaluation of business transformation solutions. The methods model the operational and financial interactions among business activities, the business transformation solutions, and the demand and supply markets and allow proactive business management by analysis of observed internal and external events and business performance data. The method is based on dynamic modeling and simulation of interactions among consumers, dealers, parts suppliers, and competitors in the marketplace in addition to modeling of business operations within a company.  
 Agent-Based Simulation
New approaches are required to understand dynamic and heterogeneous behaviors in complex economic and social systems. We use computational, gaming, and mathematical methods, in addition to traditional economic and social theories. We are researching new computational technologies such as dynamic simulations for various types of agents and Web-based gaming which will drive innovation in various social systems, including commodities market with heavy price fluctuations, online auctions, and international greenhouse gas emissions trading.
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Emerging business models based on Globalization and Value Chains are increasing the complexity of the manufacturing and distribution processes. Traceability technology is the key for monitoring the movements of parts and products by using their unique IDs, and allows using this data for purposes such as the management of quality, for security, and for environmental protection. The technology covers the entire product life cycle and benefits all of the players, from manufacturers to retailers to consumers. Working together with customers in the automotive industry, TRL is working on the design and development of car parts tracing systems, with advanced support for situations such as recalls.  
Previous activities
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Logistics optimization
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Large-Scale Data Visualization
Architectural design
NHK/Kasuga no tubone
Medical imaging / VR - National cancer ctr.
IVS - visualization system

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