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  Lead story (May/2004)

- Virtual Voice Mouse -

On April 20, 2004, IBM is introducing the Virtual Voice Mouse which is an input-support interface system for physically disabled people, developed with a new concept using voice recognition technology.

When a physically disabled person operates a personal computer, an alternative pointing device such as a trackball, a joy stick, or an on-screen keyboard is used. However, even a small maneuvers are difficult and takes time, don't they? Therefore, we wanted to try the use of voice as input method to operate the PC.

Instead of operating the mouse, users speak into the microphone. The command "mouse right" will cause the mouse cursor to move to the right. If the user says "Enter", the software will simulate pressing the key. The system can also use the on-screen keyboard (a standard feature of Windows) to input letters using voice.

On Screen keyboard Sample Screen of Virtual Voice Mouse

Virtual Voice Mouse offers a new operation method using speech recognition technology to bypass the mouse and keyboard.

Virtual Voice Mouse was sponsored by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry, as an IT development project for elderly people and a disabled people.


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