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  Lead story (August/2002)

- Workplace Environment of the Accessibility Center -

In the Accessibility Center, employees who have handicaps in hearing, vision, and mobility are working together. They communicate by accessing each other's information to do their work. As part of the IT (information technology) environment of the workplace, a tool for collaboration called Lotus Sametime is used. Using Sametime Connect which is one of the functions in Lotus Sametime, with PCs linked to the network, allow employees to check the contents of each other's work, to find out which employees are in the office, and to have conversational chats for real-time communications. These forms of real-time communication create feelings of being present in the company. In addition, not only one-to-one conversations are possible, but employees can also join group conversations and participate in meetings.

For communications with visually impaired people and hearing-impaired people JAWS Script can be used so that the Sametime Connect sessions can be read aloud by JAWS for Windows (IBM Version), a screen Reader. The status information in Sametime allows employees to know if other employees are using their computers or are away from their desks. If the employee is present, chat can be used to communicate with a coworker instead of the telephone. Sametime also supports telecommuting with a regular or broadband Internet connection, allowing the same uses of these features.

Introduce Lotus Sametime and change the IT environment of your workplace.


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