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  Lead story (July/2002)
- Powerful Screen Reader JAWS -

Extend the possibilities of information access for the visually impaired by using JAWS (*) Script

Recently, the use of information technology (IT) has rapidly expanded in the workplace. To do their work, the visually impaired need to access a Groupware and the Internet just like the sighted people. JAWS Script can help to improve the accessibility in your office for the visually impaired.
JAWS has a powerful script function which can tell you what is on the screen and allows the visually impaired to use a keyboard instead of a mouse. Anybody can write a script for any program, so visually impaired people can use any program that the sighted people use.

This is an example of a JAWS Script. We have developed JAWS Script the searching tool for the TODAY'S DIAGNOSIS AND TREATMENT (a CD-ROM on modern medical examinations and treatment) published by IGAKU-SHOIN Ltd. Tokyo, Japan. This is a top selling CD for people who are working in medical area. A lot of people with visually impairments have been working in medical area such as those involving acupuncture, moxa, and massage. According to the data of the Ministry of Welfare and Labor, there are 58,000 such workers in Japan. They needed to be able to access this up-to-date information. We hope to increase their opportunities to get jobs in these areas.

This is a good chance for the visually impaired to learn about the possibilities of JAWS Script and to expand their own possibilities.

(*) JAWS: Job Access With Speech (the name of a 'screen reader' program for the visually impaired)

JAWS for Windows(IBM Version) Package

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