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  Easy Web Browsing Solution

Easy Web Browsing can help in solving the digital divide problem when a Web site delivers information and services to people with weak eye sight and PC novice users. Easy Web Browsing provides a user-friendly Web interface including character enlarging, reading of text aloud at the selected mouse location and optimization of Web pages by changing font sizes and background colors according to users' preferences.

Easy Web Browsing is a Web-content-based solution which is installed into a Web site. This design makes it easy for site owners to update to the latest versions. It is also a secure application using ActiveX objects with digital signatures linked to VeriSign's authentication servers.The system has already been introduced by some of Japan's IT leaders among local governments, such as Gifu Prefecture and Setagaya City, in line with the national e-Japan strategy. Providing user-friendly operations integrated with accessibility features for end users, and an easy-to-manage system for business partners, Easy Web Browsing contributes to Web site owners' business by increasing customer satisfaction.

Easy Web Browser

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