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IBM Research

IBM Accessibility Forum 2005 Summary Report

Part I: People with Disabilities Career Forum on 24th November
-PwDs in the workplace-

Part II: Accessibility Forum on 25th November
- Meeting society's demands for accessibility-

 Taking a step forward, leading to achievement and spreading awareness

The PwD Career and Accessibility Forums were attended by representatives from the national and local governments, educational organizations, private businesses, non-profit organizations, and people with disabilities.

On the first day of the forum at IBM, the presentations focused on incorporating information technology into job training in order to enhance the abilities of PwDs. There were also two presentations conducted outside IBM. The first presentation, titled "Expanding the potentials of PwDs", was offered by the Shiseido Co., Ltd. The second presentation, titled "Universal design for higher education" was from Hiroshima University.

In last year's forum, the theme was on achieving accessibility in an IT society, while also obtaining value-added benefits by implementing accessible technology. The emphasis was on the importance of accessibility in all aspects of our lives.

This year, we focused on the importance of responding to the diverse accessibility requests made by society. In the past, information and service providers only provided services for those without disabilities. Now, the focus is on meeting the service requirements of all people.

At the conclusion of the forum, there was general consensus that we should focus our efforts on exploring and developing methods of collaboration in order to realize an accessible IT society.

Participants in the Forum

IBM's experience in meeting the requirements of ADA in the workplace
IBM Corporation, Director, James Sinocchi

IBM WWAC, Frances West

Realize an IT accessible society
IBM Japan, GIC, Yoshinaga

Panel discussion



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