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Report on the "Accessibility Forum 2004"


"Awareness" and "The Advancing Waves of Accessibility"

The Accessibility Center Asia Pacific (ACAP) of Tokyo Research Laboratory held the "Accessibility Forum 2004" in IBM Japan's Hakozaki office on July 1, 2004. The forum follows the "Accessibility Forum 2003" held last year. Participants came from various organizations, including the public sector, companies, welfare organizations, educational institutions, news organizations, and as individuals. At the conference site, the participants were eager and excited to be there.
Last year the forum discussed what each person could do for the accessible IT society according to the theme "To create an accessible IT society in every life aspect at home, school, and the workplace: the realization of the true e-business". This year, one year after those discussions, the forum developed discussions on the value of accessibility, introducing case studies of local government and businesses and policies from the Japanese government. The forum consisted of keynote addressees, panel discussions, and a Q&A session, aiming to make participants aware of the value of accessibility and to motivate a tidal wave of further development of IT accessibility after the forum. The "Accessibility Forum 2004" was successful and the participants all recognized the importance of accessibility.

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