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Media monitoring solution


We are develop the leading application framework and software platform of motitoring broadcast and distributed content for rights management, market research and advertisement airtime check in the basis of watermarking and feature recognition technology of audio and video. These days, various type of content is distributed through various sources, and the world of content distribution requires this technology to be available.

Research items

  • DataHiding (watermarking)
    DataHiding technology allows users to embed invisible and inaudible messages into still images, video, and audio data. The embedded messages survive format conversion, signal processing, lossy compression and analog transmission.

  • Feature extraction and similarity search
    The feature extraction allows a system to automatically extract effective temporal/spatial features of digital content and search similar content stored in data base. The combination of watermarking and this technology will provide more effective access to objective content in increasing traffic of multimedia content, even if the content is watermarked or not.


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Last modified 16 Feb 2001