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3D Web environment
- Knowledge management for 3D CG models -


To build an intensive wide knowledge that is complementary to each individuals, and to create innovations by using the knowledge, it is more important than ever that users efficiently share their knowledge regarding to a three-dimensional (3D) geometrical model data and related information.

A solution by using our knowledge management for 3D computer graphics (CG) models enables the user to search and retrieve several geometrical models that are similar to a specified key model from a database, and to detect the area where there are geometrically some differences between the models. Additionally, it is possible for users to synchronously share and communicate the geometrical model with the interaction during an online meeting, and to store the interaction data in the database for later reference. The cycle to store, search, retrieve, detect, share, examine, and store the model and related data is an accumulation of the knowledge in a company about the 3D geometrical model. (Figure 1)

Knowledge cycle

Figure 1: Knowledge cycle

This solution is based on two technologies by Tokyo Research Laboratory, those are, 3D geometry search and analysis technology, and synchronous/asynchronous 3D collaboration technology.

Applications include, especially in the manufacturing area, a data management system to search and compare part's data at each design, development, and production phase, or a call center support system to collaborate using a shared model and its behavior at a maintenance phase. (Figure 2)

Appl. on Manufacturing industry area

Figure 2: Appl. on Manufacturing industry area

Research items Publications
  • International journal paper
    • Ryo Yoshida, Takaaki Murao, and Tatsuo Miyazawa, "3D Web Environment for Knowledge Management," will be appeared on a special issue of Future Generation Computer Systems, Elsevier Science, 1999.
  • International conference
    • Ryo Yoshida and Carmine F. Greco, "Reactive Virtual Environment System: LivingWorlds Multi-user World," Virtual Environments '98, pp.204-215, Springer, September 1998. ISBN 3-211-83233-5.
    • Ryo Yoshida, Takaaki Murao, and Tatsuo Miyazawa, "RVE System: Case Study of the Living Worlds System," IBM Research Report, RT0282, October 1998.

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    Last modified 30 September 1999