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IBM Research

IBM Research Worldwide

Teamwork broadens our researchers' mind-sets so that they can integrate the fruits of their research.
IBM Research - Tokyo benefits from the close-knit worldwide network and its own rich research environment.

IBM Research - Watson IBM Research - China IBM Research - Almaden IBM Research - Tokyo IBM Research - Austin IBM Research - India IBM Research - Zurich IBM Research - Haifa
Picture of Watson Research Center

IBM Research - Watson
Yorktown Heights, New York, USA
Founded in 1961
Focus Areas: Computer science, database, data mining, business intelligence, user interface, storage systems software, materials science, nanotechnology, life sciences, services research, mathematics, semiconductor technology

  Picture of China Research Lab

IBM Research - China
Beijing, China
Founded in 1995
Focus Areas: Business integration and transformation, information and knowledge management, future embedded systems and devices, resilient and pervasive infrastructure, and user interactions

Picture of Almaden Research Center

IBM Research - Almaden
San Jose, California, USA
Founded in 1955
Focus Areas: Computer science, database, user interface, web software, storage systems software & technology, physical sciences, materials science, nanotechnology, life sciences, services research

  Picture of Tokyo Research Lab

IBM Research - Tokyo
Yamato, Japan
Founded in 1982
Focus Areas: Microdevices, systems, embedded systems, distributed computing, security & privacy, software engineering, analytics & optimization, human computer interaction, services research, Electronics/Automotive Innovation Centers

Picture of Austin Research Lab

IBM Research - Austin
Austin, Texas, USA
Founded in 1995
Focus Areas: High performance/low power VLSI design and tools, system-level power analysis, and new system architectures

  Picture of India Research Lab

IBM Research - India
Delhi, India
Founded in 1998
Focus Areas: Speech technologies, pervasive computing, e-governance, information management, e-commerce, life sciences, distributed computing, software engineering

Picture of Zurich Research Lab

IBM Research - Zurich
Rüschlikon, Switzerland
Founded in 1956
Focus Areas: Nanoscience and -technology, semiconductor technology, storage systems, advanced server technology, systems design, IT security and privacy, business optimization, mobile enablement, services research; industry solutions lab

  Picture of Haifa Research Lab

IBM Research - Haifa
Haifa, Israel
Founded in 1972
Focus Areas: Storage and business continuity systems, verification technologies, multimedia, active management, information retrieval, programming environments, optimization technologies, and life sciences


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