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IBM Research

Research Value to Clients

Paul Horn, Senior Vice President of IBM Research, has said that researchers must obtain a clear understanding of clients' problems at an earlier stage and take various measures to extract research topics from them. At TRL, we focus on results that lead to client innovations. And to develop those innovations, we collaborate with clients to gain vital insights into their current challenges.

On Demand Innovation Services (ODIS)

TRL launched a new collaborative program in concert with IBM Business Consulting Services - On Demand Innovation Services (ODIS). ODIS is comprised of a team of consultants and researchers that engages with clients to solve business challenges. In this model, researchers meet directly with clients to discuss their issues and then use their research expertise to offer the best solutions.

First-Of-A-Kind (FOAK)

First-Of-A-Kind (FOAK) is a program where researchers work with clients to solve business issues with the aim of extracting the first solution of its kind from IBM Research.

R&D Innovation Services

R&D Innovation Services aims to bolster client products and their R&D processes. In particular, Tokyo Research Laboratory provides services for supporting the business transformation of corporate research laboratories in a way that best suits a client's environment, scale, and industry.

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