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Research Value to Society

What impact should basic research at a company like IBM have on our society? Our research needs not only to attract the attention of academia but also to have an impact on a wide range of sectors in society. Fortunately, IBM has various systems to utilize research results for the benefit of society.

Contribution to IBM products

IBM provides a wide range of products, including servers, workstations, storage systems, and software. One of IBM Research's primary objectivesis to turn the results of research into products. For example, the JIT Compiler, a product of research at TRL, has been incorporated into all IBM platforms for worldwide shipment.

Contribution to IBM Services & Solutions

IBM not only sells its products but also provides services and solutions to directly solve issues that clients' businesses. For example, TRL contributes to IBM's services and solutions business by applying optimization technology to supply chain management (SCM) and text-mining technology to customer relationship management (CRM).

Contribution to IBM Intellectual Property

IBM is granted thousands of patents each year in the United States, leading the industry for more than ten years. Patents and other intellectual property rights are the source of differentiation in IBM's business, and IBM Research, including Tokyo Research Laboratory, plays a central role in inventions and patent acquisition at IBM.

Contribution to IBM Global Technology Outlook (GTO)

Each year, IBM Research predicts the major technological trends of the next five to ten years through the Global Technology Outlook (GTO). TRL contributes to the GTO through collaboration with IBM research laboratories worldwide. And once the report is published, we share the findings with Japanese clients and academia.

Contribution to Open Sources and Open Standards

IBM supports the promotion of open systems that optimize open standards and open sources with the goal of realizing collaborative innovations. TRL is working with governments and corporations to conduct research in open technologies, including open document formats (ODF).

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