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Information Overload
An enormous amount of information is added every day to Web sites on both on the Internet and on intranets, the internal network structures that are fashioned using Internet technology such as Web browsers. In large companies or at "Web farms", where sites are managed on a contract basis, keeping track of information can be overwhelming.

Pouring Java Into the Web
Researchers at the IBM lab in Haifa decided to tackle the problem using Java, the platform-independent network environment and programming language. Using Java, the researchers developed a free application that enables anyone to capture and view the overall structure of any Web site, including links to other sites, and to navigate visually through the contents of a site. The Web maps can be displayed in a variety of ways, with views changing with the simple click of a mouse.

Webmasters can use Mapuccino maps for Web site management tasks and to improve site navigation. For Internet users, Mapuccino maps provide a simpler way to traverse the Web and to manage large amounts of information. Even search engines can be mapped.

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