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Puzzling Over Java
Java, the platform-independent computer environment and programming language, has made enormous strides since its earliest days just a few years back.  A large and growing number of programmers and corporations are turning to Java for solutions that can straddle different operating systems without incurring lots of extra cost.  IBM scientists have been hard at work finding ways to make Java a practical reality in many areas of computing, from games to network-based email applications.

One researcher at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York, Juerg von Kaenel, built a Java-based Web site that explores the intricacies of burr puzzles, which consist of interlocking pieces that form a shape when complete. von Kaenel's Web site demonstrates Java in action, showing how it can present an attractive yet complex graphical user interface and do calculations on the fly.  Burrow into the Burr Puzzle site for a glimpse of Java at work.

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