Work Marketplace

The doing of work – a fundamental aspect of any business activity – is undergoing profound change.

Work is becoming less tied to specific locations. It moves across organizational boundaries. Dynamic and unique mixes of skills are required for success. And those who can do the work are contracted through new models for getting work done, from live auctions to crowd-based multi-sourcing to collaborative hackday events.

Numerous point solutions and niche-market platforms exist to support one or another of these new developments. The Work Marketplace brings this all together into a virtual exchange, where work is traded between those who have work that needs to be done and those with the capability to do the work.

work market place diagram

Imagine you could share work on a virtual exchange throughout your enterprise, or even across enterprise boundaries with people around the world who have unique skills! Our functional prototype illustrates this vision, highlighting the design of work for the Work Marketplace, posting and bidding on work in auctions, and earning a social reputation through the performance of skilled work.


For more information about the Work Marketplace, contact Melissa Cefkin