IBM Timeflash is a social microcalendar that provides an open, social space for enterprise users to share, socialize, and discover events.

time flash logo IBM Timeflash, formerly code-named Timely, provides an open, social space for enterprise users to share events, socialize, and discover what is going on in your network, organization and beyond. Our system has been inspired by previous research on calendaring and popular social network applications, in particular microblogging. It is our attempt to bring social software and networks to traditional calendars, making them social and transparent. We call Timeflash a Microcalendar: Instead of posting text, people share events, plans, time commitments, deadlines, meetings, etc.

Our design takes the open access inspired by early calendar research a step further by layering in discoverability features common on the Social Web today. The time-ordered stream of text messages on microblogging sites lends itself naturally to time-based events. However, instead of using recency as ordering principle, we use the time the event is taking place. Combined with a subscription model in which you can subscribe to users whose events you are interested in, a user's home page on Timeflash shows all upcoming and past events of their social network at one glance. We also show your own events along with your network's events, i.e. at any time, a user can see how their time relates to the temporal order of events of their social network (a user's events are color-coded in orange to be easily identifiable in the event stream).

For more details about Timeflash and recent research findings, check out our 2011 CHI Paper. We are also experimenting with a public version of Timeflash which will be available soon. Stay tuned!


Graduate Students / Interns

  • Mikhil Masli