MoCoMapps: Mobile Collaborative Map-based Applications. Mobile Do-it-yourself Geo-crowdsourcing for Smart Cities & Citizens

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Smart cities need to share information with their citizens in a timely and cost-effective way. Citizens have a myriad of questions they need answered by their municipalities (Where can I find the public parking? libraries? public sports facilities?). Conversely, people are also a rich store of local data that would be valuable to cities and fellow citizens if harnessed (knowledge of storm debris, snow-covered fire hydrants, dog parks, after-school clubs, etc.).

MoCoMapps (Mobile Collaborative Map-based Applications) addresses these needs by allowing non-programmers to easily build their own structured geo-crowdsourcing apps, share them, and mash them up with apps from other users. Like many projects, we provide a mobile service for adding data to a map from a mobile device. Uniquely, our goal is to extend that capability by supporting users with ordinary skills to create mobile map-based applications. We envision this capability helping city lines-of-business implement citizen data-broadcast and data-collection campaigns as needed, without entailing extra cost or dedicated programming personnel. We also see it providing a way for citizens with special concerns (the "long tail") to support one another, while providing data that cities and others can use. Solutions for specific industries (e.g., with mobile workforces) are also possible.

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Graduate Students / Interns

  • Kyle Nichols-Schmolze

  • Fyodor Wolf

  • Larissa Pschetz