IBMers Who Tweet

Understanding the external voice of a company and its employees can provide valuable insights.

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IBMersWhoTweet is a novel tool for crowdsourcing the identification of IBMers on Twitter. IBMers can contribute to the site by helping to find and match Twitter accounts to the employees in the corporate directory who own them. Matched employees are given the option to opt-in to being listed & having their tweets aggregated. The directory serves as a central place for employees to read their peer's tweets and easily find their colleagues externally. Combining social media data with the corporate directory allows advanced analytics like trending topics based on office location, business unit, job role, etc. A summer intern from the University of Maryland, Tak Yeon Lee, has also studied the effect of different incentive mechanisms (gamification, social vs personal feedback, etc) to increase participation in the crowdsourced identification tasks on the site.



For more information about IBMers Who Tweet, contact Casey Dugan