Cultural Computing

Global enterprises increasingly face intercultural collaboration challenges as the workforce, partners and customers become increasingly distributed.

The core research in this area includes 1) global HCI (e.g., language support, visual/ user interface design and ), 2) social computing mechanics (e.g., recommenders and filtering algorithms, gamification techniques, crowd-sourcing for content creation and translation). Our goal is to enable social technologies to support and develop opportunities for successful and productive collaboration across cultures, countries, and job roles.

Our research enables the design and development of tools that will significantly improve workforce productivity and promote betters ways for global teams to work together. "Cultural accessibility" tools will focus on broad gaps in access through such issues as language, visual design, and localization. "Cultural fluency" tools will focus on the problems that arise when there are mismatches in values, customs and norms.

One such tool is Clearly, a browser plug-in that enhances readability of social software content by visually transforming content and providing selective translation to improve the multilingual reading experience. Clearly supports cultural accessibility by helping enterprise social software users consume content more easily in a second language.

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Graduate Students / Interns

  • Jessica Hullman

  • Chen-Hsiang Yu