1x5 - Grassroots Employee Innovations through Enterprise Crowdfunding in the 1x5 Project
Ama - Finding the right people with the right answers at the right time
Beyond Discussions, a collaborative deliberation tool that combines novel user experience design, analytics and visualization.
A system that enables users to record, play back, edit, and share web-based tasks
Creek Watch - use your iPhone to help your watershed! Creek Watch is one of several crowdsourcing projects being developed by IBM Researchers at the Center for Social Business.
Our goal is to enable social technologies to support and develop opportunities for successful and productive collaboration across cultures, countries, and job roles.
An Entity Oriented Intelligent System for Data to help make Smart Decisions.
Expediting Expertise aims to provide a personalized and social learning environment that allows knowledge workers and enterprises to capitalize on the informal learning that takes place naturally as part of everyday business.
Historio is an experiment in storytelling and visualization; it helps people tell stories by structuring their narrative into interactive timelines.
IBMersWhoTweet is a novel tool built to crowdsource the identification of IBMers on Twitter.
The goal of ICARUS is to help alleviate the problem of information overload by providing users with personalized information relevant to the context of their current activity.
Many Eyes is a public web site where users may upload data, create interactive visualizations, and carry on discussions
MoCoMapps: Mobile Collaborative Map-based Applications. Mobile Do-it-yourself Geo-crowdsourcing for Smart Cities & Citizens.
A secure real-time translation tool that translates text in web pages, electronic documents, Sametime instant message chats, and provides a BlackBerry mobile translation application
Banks are looking for ways to transform their internet banking from “Transaction Oriented” to “Sales & Service Oriented”. We can help.
The qCrowd system automatically asks questions of social media users to extract the missing information that may be important to making key business decisions.
An aggregation platform for information discovery and analysis
Manage your salesforce in a smarter way by interacting with advanced predictive analytics.
Smarter Decisions is an interactive and intuitive Web-based tool for visual analytics that helps everyday business users derive insights from large data sets.
Our Smart Social Q&A project provides software with capabilities for people to obtain satisfactory answers quickly.
IBM Timeflash is a social microcalendar that provides an open, social space for enterprise users to share, socialize, and discover events.
The Work Marketplace is a virtual exchange, where work is traded between those who have work that needs to be done and those with the capability to do the work.