Rogerio Abreu de Paula
Research Scientist
Empirical qualitative research in the design, use, and adoption of collaborative technologies
Chieko Asakawa
IBM Fellow
Accessibility, Collaborative Support, Voice Interface
Melissa Cefkin
Workplace Ethnography, Services Research, Product and Service Design, and Organizational Learning
Elizabeth M. Daly
Research Scientist
Social networks, Reputation, Information Flow and Trend Analysis.
Steve Dill
Research Scientist
Social & Collaboration Software, Web data mining
Casey Dugan
Software Engineer
Social Software, Social Networking, Increasing Participation, Recommenders
Senior Technical Staff Member
Social Network Analysis, Collaboration, Distributed Software Teams
werner geyer
Research Staff Member
Social Software, Collaboration Technologies, Recommender Systems, Social Web
dan gruen
Research Scientist
Design, User Experience, Storyboarding, Attention, Cognition
ido guy
Application Architect-Web Technologies
Social Network Analysis, Search And Recommender Systems, Collaborative Applications, Web Mining, Graph Algorithms.
Tatsuya Ishihara
Staff Researcher
Accessibility, Collaboration
wendy kellogg
Research Scientist-Computer Science
Computer-mediated Communication, Human-computer Interaction
ravi konuru
Research Staff Member
Network Science, Collaboration Technologies
Akihiro Kosugi
Staff Software Engineer
Accessibility, Collaboration
Rick Lawrence
Machine Learning
stephen levy
Consulting Design Project Engineer
Research, Innovation, And, Development
Jie Lu
Information Retrieval and Machine Learning
Lin Luo
Research Staff Member
Digital Media, Software Engineering, Human-computer Interface, Intelligent Collaboration, Social Software, Information Security and Privacy
tara matthews
Research Staff Member-General
Collaboration Support, Design Tools, Evaluation, HCI, Multitasking, Communities
david millen
Social Software Research
Social Computing, Online Communities, HCI, CSCW, Cultural Computing, Incentives + Rewards
merry morse
Business Operations Manager
User Experience, HCI, Social Business, Collaboration Support
michael muller
Research Staff Member
Social-software, Social-science, Grounded-theory, Participatory-design
jeff nichols
Research Staff Member
HCI, Mobile, UI Technologies, AI, Services
Shila Ofek-Koifman
Shila Ofek-Koifman
Senior Manager
Information + Social Analytics
Gyana Parija
Analytics, Optimization Research
claudio santos
Research Scientist
Computer Science, Human-computer Interaction, Smarter Planet Initiatives
jamie rasmussen
Software Engineer
Consumable Semantics, Intelligent User Interfaces, Visualization
Tristan Ratchford
Research Developer
Software Engineering, Collaboration, Recommendation Systems, API Usability
steve rohall
Senior Technical Staff Member
Synchronous Collaboration, Email, Information Visualization
inbal ronen
Software Engineering Researcher-General
Static And Dynamic Analysis, Legacy Transformation, Social Networking And Discovery
steve ross
Senior Technical Staff Member
Collaborative Reasoning, Collective Intelligence, Knowledge Representation, Automated Reasoning
Salman Sheikh
Research Staff Member
Danny Soroker
Research Staff Member
Collaboration, Algorithms + Theory, HCI, Mobile Computing, Software Engineering
Todd S. Soule
Software Engineer
Collaboration, Software Engineering, Visualization
Hui Su
Cambridge Research Lab Director
Social and Collaboration Soltions
Hironobu Takagi
Senior Researcher
Accessibility, Collaborative Authoring
mercan topkara
Research Staff Member
Social Tagging, Video Sharing, Natural Language Watermarking
Justin Weisz
Research Staff Member
Human Computer Interaction
michelle zhou
Research Scientist-Computer Science
Intelligent User Interaction