Introducing the IBM Quantum Experience, the world’s first quantum computing platform delivered via the IBM Cloud.

We are at the beginning of a new chapter in the information revolution. Up until now, this revolution has unfolded based almost entirely on what a physicist would call a classical model of information. This is now known to be too narrow. Breaking out into a fully quantum theory and technology of information processing will enable us to perform some computations that would take more than the age of the universe to do on a classical computer; and to process information in other ways that are so new and different that they cannot even be properly described, let alone performed, within the classical model.

The IBM Quantum Experience represents the birth of quantum cloud computing, offering students, researchers, and general science enthusiasts hands-on access to IBM’s experimental cloud-enabled quantum computing platform, and allowing users to run algorithms and experiments, work with quantum bits (qubits), and explore tutorials and simulations around what might be possible with quantum computing.

The results of more than 35 years of IBM Quantum Computing research are now available for exploration at the click of a button. Join us to help accelerate innovation in the quantum field, and help discover new applications for this technology.

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IBM's Quantum Computing team is charting the future of quantum information sciences and looking for the next generation of thinkers to join them in their quest to build a universal quantum computer.

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Demo: IBM Quantum Experience

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