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Chris Welty
Research Staff Member
arrow IBM Watson Research Center - Knowledge Structures Group
arrow ACM Distinguished Lecturer
arrow Editorial Board, AI Magazine, the Journal of Applied Ontology and the Journal of Web Semantics
arrow Chair, W3C Rule Interchange Format (RIF)
arrow Technical Lead, Interoperable Knowledge Representation for Intelligence Support (IKRIS)
arrow Hybrid KR and IR Systems
arrow Ontology Design Patterns and Methodology
arrow Semantic Web Best Practices
arrow Automated Software Engineering
 Former Affiliations
arrow Assistant Professor, Computer Science Deptartment, Vassar College
arrow Professore Visitatore, ISTC-CNR Laboratory for Applied Ontology
arrow Visiting Researcher, AT&T Labs - Research
arrow Steering Committee Chair, The Automated Software Engineering Conferences
arrow Editor in Chief of the former intelligence Magazine
arrow Information Director, ACM SIGART (Special Interest Group in Artificial Intelligence)
arrow Ph.D. from the RPI Computer Science Department
arrow Watson Seminars
arrow Past Activities
arrow General Chair, Tenth Conference on Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KR-2006)
arrow Steering Committee, Formal Ontology in Information Systems Conferences (FOIS)
arrow Program Committees
 Standards and Organizations
arrow RIF - The Rule Interchange Format
arrow Semantic Web Best Practices
arrow CL/SCL/KIF - The Common Logic Standard
arrow OWL - The Web Ontology Language
arrow American Association for Artificial Intelligence
arrow IJCAI - International Joint Conferences on Artificial Intelligence
arrow Principles of Knowledge Representation and Reasoning
Brief bio:

Chris Welty is a Research Scientist at the IBM T.J. Watson Research Center in New York. Previously, he taught Computer Science at Vassar College, taught at and received his Ph.D. from Rensselaer Polytechnice Institute, and accumulated over 14 years of teaching experience before moving to industrial research. Chris' principal area of research is Knowledge Representation, specifically ontologies and the semantic web, and he spends most of his time applying this technology to Information Retrieval and, in the past, Software Engineering. Dr. Welty serves on the steering committee of the Formal Ontology in Information Systems Conferences, as chair of the Knowledge Representation Conference, on the advisory board of IJCAI, on the editorial boards of AI Magazine, The Journal of Applied Ontology, and The Journal of Web Semantics, was an editor in the W3C Web Ontology Working Group. Chris Welty's work on ontologies and ontology methodology has appeared in CACM, and numerous other publications.

Dr. Welty also was the first ACM SIGART Information Director, and was responsible for establishing the SIGART Electronic Information Service . He was the editor in chief of the former ACM SIGART intelligence Magazine , from its initial planning in 1996 through to its ultimate demise in 2001, and has been an active ACM member since 1990.

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