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ISWC-05 Workshop

November 7th, 2005, afternoon

Ontology Patterns for the Semantic Web

As interest in the semantic web increases, so, too, has the need for high-quality and reusable examples of semantic web ontologies.  This half-day workshop will focus on discussion instead of presentation and papers that describe particular ontologies in RDFS and OWL - that is, actual ontologies in OWL or RDFS that address an open, and general problem. Each selected ontology will be assigned a responder from the workshop participants who will commit to carefully reviewing the work and providing directed comments and helping to lead the discussion. The workshop will be of interest to anyone committed to using semantic web technology, or becoming part of the semantic web itself. Many newcomers find the technology daunting, and having a sound place to start will improve matters considerably.

Workshop Schedule

14:00 Introduction and brief statements on OEP and Content Patterns (CODePs)C. Welty, A. Gangemi
14:30Explicit knowledge engineering patterns with macrosD. Vrandecic
14:55OMV - Ontology Metadata VocabularyJ. Hartmann, R. Palma, Y. Sure, M. Carmen Suarez-Figueroa, P: Haase
15:20Towards an OWL-formalization of the ResoirceEvent Agent Business Domain Ontology F. Gailly, G. Poels
15:45Coffee break
16:15OntoMedia - Creating an Ontology for Marking Up the Content of Heterogeneous MediaF. Lawrence, M. Tuffield, M. Jewell, A. Prügel-Bennett, D. Millard, M. Nixon, M. Schraefel, N. Shadbolt
16:40An example of food ontology for diabetes controlJ. Cantais, D. Dominguez, V. Gigante, L. Laera, V. Tamma
17:05Observations from the Development of Social Reality Ontology for a KDD ApplicationV. Svatek

Other Information

Related conferences are FOIS ( http://www.formalontology.org/ ) and Coront ( http://www.loa-cnr.it/core_onto.html ).


Chris Welty

IBM Research


Aldo Gangemi



Program Committee:

Pat Hayes, IHMC

Alan Rector, U. Manchester

Deborah McGuinness, Stanford KSL

Mike Uschold, Boeing Research

Elisa Kendall, Sandpiper

Natasha Noy, Stanford U.