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Last updated: December 21, 2001

Dr. Vivek Sarkar is a Research Staff Member and Senior Manager of the Programming Technologies department at the IBM T. J. Watson Research Center. The research focus of the Programming Technologies department is on new programming technologies and tools to advance the state of the art in current and future software development.

The projects currently under way in the Programming Technologies department are:

  1. Canvas: tools for verifying client code with respect to component constraints, and synthesizing correct-by-construction templates for client code (Project leader: John Field)
  2. Gnosis: advanced static interprocedural program analysis for code optimization and program understanding tools (Project leader: Frank Tip)
  3. Jalapeno: Adaptive Optimization in the Jikes Research Virtual Machine (Project leader: Michael Hind)
  4. Middleware Optimization (Project leader: Steve Fink)
  5. Mindframes: visual programming (Project leader: Don Pazel)
  6. Stellation: programming environments for distributed software development (Project leader: Mark Chu-Carroll)
  7. Shrike: use of static and dynamic co-analysis for advanced debugging functionalities such as datarace detection, time travel, and deadlock detection (Project leader: Jong-Deok Choi)
  8. XAOS: PATH Analysis and Optimization System (Project leader: Vivek Sarkar)

If you are interested in learning more about these projects, or if you're a Computer Science graduate student or faculty member who would like to collaborate with us, feel free to send email to Vivek Sarkar or any of the project leaders.

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