Simulation of Sedimentary Basin Evolution in the PETROBRÁS

Chang, H. K.; Kowsmann, R. O.; Mello, U. T.; Bender, A. A.; Soldan, S. A.; Sombra, C. L.; Silva, H. T.
Petrobrás Research Center, Cidade Universitária, Qd 7, Ilha do Fundão, Rio de Janeiro, RJ, CEP 21910, Brazil.


A basin simulation system (BaSS) is being developed by PETROBRÁS with the objective of assisting the explorationist in prospect evaluation. The system is designed to simulate the processes involved in the generation, migratrion and accumulation of hydrocarbons, thus introducing a quantitative analysis which complements conventional exgloration methods. The simulator numerically integrates five models -- geological, geodynamical, geochemical, fluid-flow and diagenetic.