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This web page provides access to the source of some fortran programs dealing with Golomb rulers. I also have some programs for for finding difference triangle sets. Free fortran compilers for IBM PCs are available on the web.

grs1 , grs2 , grs3
These programs find Golomb rulers by exhaustive backtrack search. All 3 use the same algorithm and should produce the same answers. Grs2 and grs3 have been tuned for performance. Grs2 should be faster on most systems. Grs3 was tuned for xlf on powerpc systems and uses the non-standard construct integer*1. It may not run or run poorly on other systems. For additional performance information for these programs see my Golomb ruler search program performance page .
Conap constructs Golomb rulers from finite affine planes.
Conpp constructs Golomb rulers from finite projective planes.
Grver independently verifies Golomb rulers found or constructed by the above programs are correct.
Emulations of some essl library routines used by conap and conpp.

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