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This web page is devoted to difference triangle sets.

Following Klove (T. Klove, "Bounds on the Size of Optimal Difference Triangle Sets", IEEE Transactions on Information Theory, 34(1988), p. 355-361.) we define an (I,J) difference triangle set, T, as a set of integers {a(i,j) | 1 <= i <= I, 0 <= j <= J} such that all the differences a(i,j)-a(i,k), 1 <= i <= I, 0 <= k < j <= J are positive and distinct.

In other words T is a set of I Golomb rulers with J+1 marks each, which have no common difference.

Let m = m(T) be the maximum difference. Let M(I,J)=min{m(T)|T is an (I,J) difference triangle set}.

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