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This web page contains the abstract of my paper: "New Bounds for Union-free Families of sets", with D. Coppersmith, The Electronic Journal of Combinatorics, 5(1)(1998), #R39.

Abstract: Following Frankl and Furedi [1] we say a family, F, of subsets of an n-set is weakly union-free if F does not contain four distinct sets A, B, C, D with A U B = C U D. If in addition A U B = A U C implies B = C we say F is strongly union-free. Let f(n) (g(n)) be the maximum size of strongly (weakly) union-free familes. In this paper we prove the following new bounds on f and g: 2**([0.31349+o(1)]*n) <= f(n) <= 2**([0.4998+o(1)]*n) and g(n) <= 2**([0.5+o(1)]*n).

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